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What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

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April 11, 2017
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April 11, 2017

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Year after year in New England our mailboxes are filled with “save the dates” for upcoming summer and fall weddings. Time to time you’ll hear of a couple jetting off to somewhere warm in the offseason to run away from the cold, but must we not forget the snow bunnies who want you to join them on their special day!

Although weddings in the sun and sand are beautiful, there is something absolutely breathtaking about snow-white winter weddings. However, finding the perfect attire for winter weddings can be tricky.

Don’t be the wedding guest who can’t enjoy themselves due to lower temperatures. Our #StyleExperts have style tips for both women and men to ensure you are comfortable while looking picture perfect on such a special day.


While the lightweight chiffon dress may be catching your eye, don’t let the material fool you. When choosing a dress to wear at a winter wedding it’s important to stick to fabrics that are more likely to warm you up and keep you warm for the duration of the evening. Fabrics such as velvet, crushed velvet, and wool are sure to keep you warm and comfortable so you can enjoy yourself at the wedding. Stick to darker colors such as navy, royal blue, black, forest green, or merlot to be sure your style reflects the season. If you’re a fashionista who enjoys making a statement, dresses made up of beading and sequins pair perfectly with the traditional champagne toast.

Wearing tights, whether they be black or nude, will help keep the legs warm of those who are opting for shorter dresses that expose the leg. For the best coverage, closed toe shoes are suggested, but if an open toe shoe compliments your dress more, consider wearing warmer shoes in transit and changing your shoes right before the ceremony kicks off.


As a man attending a winter wedding, there’s no need to stress over what to wear. If your invite reads “Black Tie Only” then that answers that. Black Tie Only calls for wearing a tuxedo to the wedding. The only other piece of your attire that you have to decide on is whether you want to wear a tie or a bow tie.

If the wedding you are invited to is not black tie, your best bet is to stick to darker colors such as navy, black or gray. Wool suits or the ever-so bold velvet suit are sure to keep you warmest as you dance the night away. The best way to really showcase your style is through your tie, bow tie, or pocket square. You can never go wrong with solid colors, but if you are looking for a pattern, try to stick with basic patterns such as stripes. Busy patterns can often ruin your overall look.

Every man’s body is different. That being said, buying a suit that’s too long on the arms or pant leg is not rare. Don’t be afraid to bring your suit to be fitted and altered by your local Style expert.

Don’t let the harsh weather of winter ruin your fun. With the right choice in fabrics and the right shoes, you’ll be ready to dance the night away comfortably and confidently.

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