Dependable Cleaners’ luxury garment care service, Style by Dependable, takes our award-winning service to the next level. Our expert artisans clean and restore garments one at a time and are meticulously hand finished, ensuring every piece receives individual attention and the care it deserves.

Our team has vast experience in handling rare fabrics and use both unconventional cleaning methods and specialized equipment to address your item’s exact fabric, trim, and finish requirements. These special techniques provide results that are not possible with traditional cleaning methods.

Style Conscious

We appreciate great fashion—each garment is treated as a unique work of art and given the same attention to detail that went into making them. By preserving classic clothing and maintaining the natural beauty of couture fabrics, we’ll ensure your designer pieces retain their distinctive fit and finish.

Elevate Your Style

  1. Visit one of our Style locations with the garments you would like handled by our artisans.
  2. Sign up for Home Delivery to conveniently schedule a pickup, track items, and make payments.


How is Style Different?