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Wedding Crashers: 6 Things That Can Spoil Your Wedding

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April 11, 2017
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April 11, 2017

Wedding Crashers: 6 Things That Can Spoil Your Wedding


We all heard the saying “hindsight is 20 20” but until The Doc builds that flux capacitor, hindsight wont really help you on your big day. Not to worry, together with our experts from the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, we have comprised 6 things you will be glad you thought of before your wedding day.

The Hustle and Bustle

Whether your bridesmaids simply cannot figure out how to fasten your bustle or someone just plain steps on your train, you will wish you had asked for extra hooks for your bustle to keep your gown from dragging on the ground. Plan ahead, attach several safety pins to the lining near the hem of your gown incase you need them.

Coming up Roses

If you are going to carry a large bouquet, practice holding your flowers low. If you hold them too high, they will hide your gown and you will see more flowers than gown when you look at your video and your photos.

re”veil” your face

Make sure your veil frames your face and does not hides it after you lift your blusher. Also, remember not to obscure the right side of your face with your hair. That’s the side next to the groom—the side everyone wants to see when you are at the altar.

Relative Photos

Uncle Charlie may be a great guy, but he is not trained to stay out of the way so that others can see you when you exchange your vows. Also, it’s not fair for a relative to have to spend the day behind a camera with one eye closed. Let a professional capture all those special moments and share them afterward with your family.

The Time-lapse

Avoid leaving hours between the ceremony and the reception if possible or some guests may party so hard they do not make it to the reception. If there must be a long delay, offer guests some options such as a lounge in the reception venue. On the other hand, do not forget to allow enough time for photographs. A dinner that gets overcooked because you are still taking pictures is a disaster. If you are having your ceremony and reception at the same location, you might even consider posing for your formal photographs before the ceremony, and then you will have extra time to spend with your guests.

Know Kidding

If you plan to have a very young ring bearer or flower girl, be sure each gets to bed early the night before the wedding. Designate someone other than mom or dad (if they are in the wedding party), to watch them during the ceremony. For children at the ceremony, whether they are in the wedding party or not, things such as snacks in a zip-lock bag that opens quietly, clear (in case of spills) juice in boxes, and a coloring book with washable markers will hold their interest. At the reception, serving children’s meals promptly and having books and crayons on hand will help keep them at the table. One more tip: After all your thoughtful planning, try to relax and enjoy each moment. It will all go by much too quickly, and your friends and family are there to share the joy of your special day—not to complain about missteps along the way.


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