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Tailoring Tips For Brides against Breast Cancer’s Wedding Gown Sale

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April 11, 2017
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April 11, 2017

Tailoring Tips For Brides against Breast Cancer’s Wedding Gown Sale


This weekend, January, 18, 2013 – January, 20, 2013, Brides Against Breast Cancer will have their Charity Wedding Gown Sale at The Westin Hotel in Waltham. Hundreds of new and gently used designer and couture gowns will be on sale for 25% to 85% off. Each gown purchased will go towards helping individuals impacted by breast cancer.

This will be an wonderful event for a very worthy cause. Our Wedding Gown Specialists have some tips to ensure the dress you have your heart set on, looks flawless when they walk down the aisle.

Will it Fit?

Most dresses will need some level of alterations before the big day. The majority of wedding gown alterations a bride will need involve adjustments of the length or size of her dress. Below are things to consider when wondering if a gown can be altered to fit a brides size or height.

Adjusting the length

The length of a dress can be shortened by adjusting the bottom of the gown. However, when the hem is made out of lace or has heavy embellishments the adjustments need be made at the waist to preserve the integrity of the design along the hem. If this is not possible, the embellishments will need to be removed and replaced once the adjustment is complete. This can drive up the cost of the alterations.

Adjusting the size

In general it is easier to take a gown in a few sizes than it is to let it out. Most gowns can be taken in up to 2-3 sizes, however, when it comes to letting a gown out, the range changes to 0 – 2 sizes. Dress sizes are changed by adjusting the side or back seams. The amount a gown can be let out depends on how much extra fabric is left over in between the seams. Another option is to add fabric to the seams or to replace the zipper with a corset that laces up the back of the dress. While often successful, these methods will be more costly and can drastically change the look of the dress. Brides may want to consider purchasing a gown 1-2 sizes larger and have it taken in to avoid having to let the gown out.

Can It Be Cleaned?

What if your dream dress has been treated less than gently by another future bride or past owner. Stains on the hem or bodice are common, especially at bridal gown sales. Depending on the type of material and stain, the dress may still be salvageable. If possible, brides should get a professional opinion on the stain before it is purchased.

Dependable Cleaners will have a team of Wedding Gown Specialists onsite at the Brides Against Breast Cancer event in Waltham Ma. The team can help a bride make a well-informed decision on the dresses being considered. The experts can provide consultations on cleaning and alterations as well as helping brides pin-up the gowns to determine how a gown will look once it is altered. For more information on the services of the Wedding Gown specialists.


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