Wedding Gown Alterations


Alterations & Redesign

Our seamstresses have years of experience dealing with wedding gowns. We offer an array of alteration services that range from minor adjustments and hems, to major alterations such as removing sleeves and redesigning gowns.

Our services begin with an in-depth consultation and a fitting to make sure we have your exact measurements. We then evaluate your gown to address potential problems and ensure a beautiful fit.

Wedding Gown Redesign is a great option for brides who would like to transform a vintage gown, which might have been preserved or restored, to give it a more modern style while still honoring its history. Our Seamstresses can alter sleeves and trims, remove a train, or change the silhouette of a gown so it better fits your style. Trust Dependable Cleaners’ Wedding Gown Specialist to ensure your gown fits you perfectly.


Pre-Wedding Services

No matter where a bride purchase her gown she will need some level of alterations service. Trust our seamstress, with decades of experience in bridal gown services, to transform you dream dress into a beautiful reality.

Pre-Wedding Services include:

Fittings: Our seamstresses capture your exact measurements to ensure a beautiful look and a perfect fit. Alterations: Our Alteration Specialists perform the necessary adjustments and repairs so your gown matches your measurements perfectly. Redesign: We can redesign your gown, to fit your personal style and fashion. Spot Cleaning: Ours specialist clean your gown after fittings and alterations so your gown looks flawless. Pressing and Steaming: We hand press and steam gowns after alterations so every pleat and ruffle is perfectly in place.







We also offer on-site services for your gown as well as your bridal party to ensure your wedding stays picture perfect.

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