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May 25, 2018
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Quincy native Lindsay Tia is no stranger to style. The founder and owner of Dorchester’s THE CUE as well as the creator of the popular Lindsay Tia brand, she has forged her own path in the Boston fashion industry. Her Lindsay Tia bags range from the evening “Luxe” clutch collection to the “Son of a Beach” beach totes and the patriotic “Brave Bags,” which represent the bravery we all have within us, whether in the military or just in everyday life.  

STYLE: What do you think it means to be brave in fashion?

LINDSAY TIA: I think being brave while being fashionable means confidently presenting yourself to the world. Fashion is who you are without having to speak. How you dress is people’s very first impression of you, so your style is a representation of your personality.

STYLE: How is your personality represented through your own personal style?

LT: You can definitely tell that I march to the beat of my own drum! I’m preppy one day and edgy the next. I also go around what I have going on that particular day. If I have a lot of meetings then I usually dress more professional, but if I know I’ll be in the store all day, I’ll dress a little more trendy.

STYLE: What is your business fashion inspiration?

LT: GirlBoss [founder Sophia Amoruso]! I think a modern GirlBoss dress is the business equivalent of a men’s suit. It’s very professional yet trendy.

STYLE: What are a few of your staple wardrobe pieces?

LT: White jeans and a GirlBoss blazer!


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