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Laundry Tips for College Students

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Have your tried out our new machines in Dorchester?

Have your tried out our new machines in Dorchester?

You’re used to doing laundry at home, but it’s a whole new ball game when you share your washer and dryer with the whole dorm. Here are some helpful hints to successfully doing laundry at college. If you live in Boston, then bring your laundry to us! We’ll wash, dry AND fold your clothes so you can get to class on time!


  • Don’t wait until your laundry bin is overflowing.

The average college student should do laundry once a week, but there are times when you’re so busy that you end up doing laundry less frequently than that. More laundry is more fuss, so try not to let it accumulate. Plus, dirty clothes can start to smell– not ideal for a shared dorm room!


  • Read the labels on your clothes.

Don’t assume everything can and should go in the dryer! If the instructions are hard to understand or faded, Google it or ask Siri if you can put something in the dryer or which temperature of water you should wash something in.


  • Use detergent pods.

These are so easy to use, you pop them in and you’re done. Carrying a few of these is far easier than lugging a gallon of detergent.


  • Do not leave your supplies in the laundry room.

If you leave your detergent in the laundry room, people WILL use it and it might not be there when you get back. Don’t be too trusting when it comes to laundry. Pro tip: Use a shower caddy to keep your dryer sheets, detergent and other laundry necessities together.


  • Set timers.

Unfortunately, people will take your clothes out of the dryer or washing machine and throw them on the floor if you’re not taking your clothes out in a timely manner. We’ve all been the person to take stuff out and the person to find their socks and panties tossed on a nearby table. If you don’t want anyone touching your clothes, set your timer a few minutes before your clothes are done.


  • Double check the washers and dryers.

Run your hand over the inside of the appliance to make sure you grabbed everything! Run your hand along the underside of the machine to check for any forlorn socks.


  • Buy a laundry hamper you can carry.

You’re either going to have to lug this thing across campus or down a few flights of stairs. Is it something you can easily carry? Whether it zips up and can be carried like a bag or is hard plastic and can be wheeled, be sure to get a hamper that you wouldn’t mind carrying across campus and that you can carry when it’s full of dirty clothes.

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