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April 25, 2017
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April 25, 2017

Sweater Care & Style Tips


Sweaters are a smart and stylish way to stay warm on cold, snowy days. Keep your collection fresh and fluffy and look your best season after season. Check out these care tips from Dependable Cleaners’ experts and style tips from MaryLou Andre of Organization by Design.
Care Tips
  Keeping sweaters in good condition, in fact, keeping them in “shape,” can be a challenge. Clean sweaters only when they are soiled. Always follow the care label instructions on a sweater’s tag. If it says “dry clean only,” dry cleaning is the best option. (Cashmere should only be dry cleaned.) If the tag recommends hand washing with cold water and a mild detergent, lay it flat to dry afterward. (Some sweaters, such as cotton, can also be put in the dryer on low. Remove when slightly damp and allow them to air dry and the sweater will have a softer touch. Knits snag and pull easily. These snags can sometimes be repaired or pulled-through by a seamstress or tailor with a deft touch. Because of the weave, the snags often run along a line, so they damage inches at a time. Sweaters pill after a few wearings. You can de-pill with a battery driven shaver designed to remove pill balls. These shavers work very well, but be sure to practice first and use a light touch. Keep wool sweaters out of sunlight and away from fire or heaters, as these can cause the wool to yellow’s. Do you have a nice sweater that has stretched and lost its shape? If sweater is made of wool, steam finishing will reblock the misshaped areas. Cotton can be wet cleaned and dried flat to make it smaller. Acrylic, however, is synthetic and heat sensitive and therefore not always correctable.  
Style Tips
  Do you love wool sweaters but not the itch on your bare skin? Silk camisoles are a great solution. They layer well without creating extra bulk. Wear turtlenecks with high, fitted necklines if you have a long, thin neck. A mock turtleneck is better suited for women with shorter necks. Lightly padded, smooth cup bras look best under form-fitting sweaters (or any form-fitting top for that matter). Victoria’s Secret has a good selection and it’s easy to order from their website. Knits can snag easily, so remember to put your jewelry on last. Special sweaters with ornamentation, such as beads, sequins, crystals, painted designs, leather or suede trim, snakeskin or piping can play havoc with consumers and drycleaners. If you buy a sweater with such embellishments, try to shop at a reputable store. Ask the store managers about the brand and read the care labels.

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