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A Greener Wash

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October 23, 2018
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January 29, 2019

When people make New Year’s Resolutions, they often resolve to lose weight, eat healthier or exercise more. Why not resolve to be more eco-friendly? The best way to do this is to start small, with everyday tasks like doing laundry. Here are a few simple tips to reducing your environmental footprint in 2019!

  • Go to a Green Dry Cleaner. While some dry cleaners use harmful chemicals and high-energy machines to clean your clothes, green dry cleaners like Dependable Cleaners have taken every step necessary to be as eco-friendly as possible. We use energy-efficient equipment, LED lighting and high-efficiency steam traps to give your clothes the cleanest look with the least harm done to the environment. The addition of biodegradable soap and GreenEarth technology, which naturally breaks down into sand, water and carbon dioxide, are proven to be less harmful to the environment.
  • Switch to cold water. By just simply switching to cold water, you are using 90 percent less energy per load of laundry.
  • Steam instead of iron. Not only does steaming save energy, but it keeps your clothes looking fresher longer.
  • Wash less. With proper care in-between wears, sweaters and pants can be worn more than once before washing, therefore reducing the amount of loads of laundry done per week.

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