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Tailoring Tip: Shopping for the Perfect Fit

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Tailoring Tip: Shopping for the Perfect Fit


If you have ever purchased a well tailored suit or dress then you know what a difference tailoring makes. It’s hard to find clothing off the rack that fits as well as a tailored item. This is because off the rack items are made to fit the average size of a general population not an individual. Below are a few tips on how to purchase the best fit off the rack.

To Thine Own Size Be True

Know your measurements and the size you wear in all items. Always start with the size that fits you best then have a tailor make minor alterations to highlight your individual physique. Minor alterations can make a major difference when it comes to a custom fit.

Go Big or Go Home

It is easier for a tailor to take a garment in than it is to let a garment out. If you find an item that you love but doesn’t quite fit, purchase a slightly bigger size and have your tailor fit the item down to your measurements. Items can usually be taken in up to three sizes, however letting a garment out is limited to 0 – 2 sizes.

Distorting at the Seams

When it comes to taking clothes in, look at the vertical seams. The more vertical seams there are the easier it is to alter a garment without distorting the design or misplacing the pockets.

Match Your Pants and Shoes

When shopping for pants, bring the type of shoe you are most likely to wear with the pants you are looking to buy. This is not only a great way to complement the look of your shoe, but it will also give you an idea whether or not you will need to hem the pants. You can then factor that into the cost of your purchase. Do this for your boots, sneakers, heels, flat shoes etc. Generally, hems should just graze the tops of your shoes and be from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch off the floor.

Understand the Hem

There are times when adjusting a hem can get a little tricky. Like when there is a design along the bottom of a dress or a rough hem along the bottom of a skirt. In these cases a garment can be taken up at the waist or the design can be removed by hand and reapplied after the correct adjustments have been made to the length.

More than 80% of clothes need to be tailored in one way or another. Dependable Cleaners offers tailoring services at all of our locations. Tailors are available for fittings and consultations at these locations:


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