Our museum-quality preservations ensure that your gown lasts a lifetime. We preserve gowns using acid-free tissue and Wedding Gowns Chests, so your gown can be conveniently stored without being damaged or taking up space in your closet.
Dependable Cleaners offers one of the most detail-oriented, expert gown-cleaning and preservation services available.
Our cleaning technicians have decades of experience dealing with delicate fabrics and preserving gowns with our museum-quality preservations.

Basic Level Preservation


The Basic Level Preservation consists of hand cleaning and pressing your gown to ensure it is free of stains that can oxidize over time and become difficult to remove. Vacuums, plastic seals, and other acidic materials can damage gowns over time.
We wrap your gown with acid-free tissue packaging to ensure your gown lasts a lifetime.
We also stuff each dress with the same acid-free tissue to prevent hard creases that can become hard difficult to remove over time.

Diamond Level Preservation

Our Diamond Packaging Service includes all the features listed in our Basic Package with the addition of a muslin wrap that provides a stable and non-acidic environment; along with a virgin cotton cover, which acts as an acid-free buffer against contaminants.
We are trained in MuseumCare™ preservation, a method that proved to be the safest, most effective method for preservation and restoration of all heirloom fabrics in a National Bridal Service study.

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We use high-quality, organic cleaning solutions; natural cornstarches, and the industry’s most advanced cleaning machines. Read more about our EarthCare Cleaning Systems®.

Every process begins with a stringent examination of your gown. The intricacies of your wedding dress, from its fabric to its trim, are major factors when determining the best cleaning process. This initial examination also informs our specialists of factors that may potentially harm your dress. We search for stains and damaged fabric using a keen eye and special techniques. Our state-of-the-art facility encompasses a black lighting system that reveals invisible stains, like white wine spills that oxidize over time and turn an ugly brown when they are exposed to heat or treated improperly.

We hand clean gowns and treat them with our anti-sugar stain treatment to remove invisible stains properly, ensuring they do not resurface in the future. We also have expert tailors with extensive experience working with intricate formal wear, who can repair and modify your gown.